Sponsored Breakfasts


This year we will continue to have Sponsored Breakfasts at the MPS General Meeting. As in previous meetings, these breakfasts will be independently hosted by organizations with missions that complement that of the MPS.

These breakfasts will take place on Monday October 1st, Tuesday October 2nd, and Thursday October 4th, from 7:30 to 8:30 a.m at the ExpoMeloneras Convention Center, next to where the sessions will take place.

Please note that these events will be entirely run by the hosting organizations, so please follow the specific instructions for each breakfast that you wish to attend, bearing in mind constraints imposed by limited seating.

After attending a Sponsored Breakfast, please make your way quickly to the main sessions which will begin promptly each morning at 8:45 a.m. The schedule of optional Sponsored Breakfasts follows:


If you wish to participate in any breakfast, please contact the sponsor directly.



Monday, October 1st


A Freedom Movement that Wins
Presented by Atlas Network
Juan de Mariana Hall A

Come learn about exciting developments at Atlas Network and the implications they have for our broader cause. Atlas Network is the hub of a worldwide movement of civil society organizations devoted to classical liberal principles, and its partners are increasingly achieving policy victories. Brad Lips (CEO) will explain how Atlas Network has seen big benefits from a more focused strategy; Matt Warner (COO) will unveil plans for a new multi-million dollar project on Doing Economic Development Differently; and Roberto Salinas Leon will discuss the challenges freedom faces in Latin America and how they will be confronted via a new Center for Latin American Policy Analysis, under his direction at Atlas Network. We invite your ideas and your collaboration as we work worldwide towards a more robust and effective defense of the free society.

RSVP: Chelsea Schick (chelsea.schick@atlasnetwork.org)


A Libertarian Revolution for Spain
Presented by Instituto Juan de Mariana
Juan de Mariana Hall B

Since the beginning of the crisis, many politicians - and public policies - have promised false solutions to citizens consisting of increasing power and state intervention in society. The liberal movement has also tried to articulate its own responses: a truly Liberal Revolution that, while preserving the rights and freedoms of individuals, adapts to the new challenges that are facing our societies. The breakfast / dialogue with Professor Juan Ramón Rallo wishes to open a space for reflection and discussion on this topic. He will present what in his opinion are the essential priorities to liberalize Spain and then a conversation with the attendees will take place, where doubts, discrepancies and comments can be raised.

RSVP: Irune Ariño (iarino@juandemariana.org)


Tuesday, October 2nd


Free Speech, Free Minds, Free Markets a Panel with Tara Smith, Rajshree Agarwal and Yaron Brook
Presented by the Ayn Rand Institute
Juan de Mariana Hall A

In this panel, Tara Smith, Rajshree Agarwal and Yaron Brook will discuss the current state of free speech and intellectual freedom on American campuses and in American culture with a focus on their relation to property issues and economic freedom.  They will discuss how free speech relates to free markets in the philosophy of Ayn Rand and the world we live in today.

RSVP:  Krissy Keys (kkeys@aynrand.org)


Eurekanomics:  New Breakthroughs in Austrian Economics & Finance
Presented by Professor Mark Skousen, Presidential Fellow at Chapman University
Juan de Mariana Hall B

Introduction by Richard Ebeling. Dr. Skousen will update MPS members on gross output (GO), the new "top line" measure of the economy that has recently been adopted by the federal government.  Since GO is a measure of Hayek's triangle, it is a great advance in Austrian macroeconomics. Since it includes the supply chain, GO has proven to be an excellent forecaster. In addition, Dr. Skousen will talk about a "eureka" moment in his "financial economics" class at Chapman University in applying Austrian economics as a way to measure volatility in the stock market.

RSVP: Mark Skousen (mskousen@chapman.edu)


Thursday, October 4th


Educating for a Free Society: Why aren’t we doing it better?
Presented by Universidad Francisco Marroquín
Juan de Mariana Hall A

Join us for a spirited discussion with three thought leaders whose work brings different perspectives to the questions of how to get more disruption in education and how to cultivate in young people the sentiments, beliefs, and ideas that sustain a free society.   Peter Boettke, professor of economics and philosophy, George Mason University; Gabriel Calzada, president of Universidad Francisco Marroquín; and Daniel Hannan, writer and political disruptor.

RSVP:  Isabel Moino (isabelmoino@ufm.edu)


Value Investing and Austrian Economics: A merge that yields compound interest
Presented by OMMA and Value School
Juan de Mariana Hall B

Value investing is a method of picking assets in a context of uncertainty and imperfect knowledge. The Austrian School of economic thought stresses that our understanding of the world is always incomplete and that individual preferences are susceptible to change any point in time. There would seem to be much common ground between the method and the school. At this breakfast, we will show how each can enrich the other so as to provide sustained extraordinary returns to the Austrian-value investor.

RSVP: Inés Calzada (icalzada@ommayau.com)